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Gothic 3 - Al Shedim / Mora Sul temple keys - Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Solutions and Maps
Items and characters
Three possible paths

Gothic 3 Game Guide (32/40)

Al Shedim / Mora Sul temple keys
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Al Shedim / Mora Sul temple keys

The temple keys of Al Shedim


1. Saturas has one. Just ask him to give you the key.

2. Lester has one. You can get it by killing the Orcs near the temple. You may also beat Lester and take his key.

3, 4, 5. Three keys are hidden in chests in the ruins of Al Shedim - check the chests while exploring the area. .


The temple keys of Mora Sul


1. Kalesch - the Orc supervisor has one. When he attacks you beat him and take his key.

2. Kirk - the mercenary from Mora Sul has one. When he attacks you kill him and take the key.

3. Gonzales -the ruler of Mora Sul has one. He can sell the key for 10 000 gold coins. You may also kill him and take the key.

4. Yussuf - the slave has one. He can give you the key if you ask.

5. Ilja - the merchant has one. He can give you the key if you do him a favor.

Al Shedim / Mora Sul temple keys
comments and responses

They don't retreat, if you notice, they run away, but soon you start getting more experience plus ups, they die, so if you follow them you should find stuff just lying on the ground. A open telekinesis spell will help you locate the stuff on the ground, as you pick up items other items will show, you should be able to find their stuff or their corpses to plunder. So go to the area activate a telekinesis scroll and walk about until nothing shows. The spell has a finite range, so you may have to do planned sweeps through the area, but if the stuff is there it will eventually show up.
18/12/2008 00:00
i have 2 questions
1 st i have found and used the ancestor stone on all but one tomb the orc that has the stone retrested and now i cant find him.
please let me know where they retreat to when the loose the battle.

2nd is the same question for the keys of mora sul temple the carriers of the keys has retreated and cant find the

17/12/2008 11:06
Anybody please help me (including Mongo1 cos u seem to have mastered d game very well) hehehe.. i bought Gothic 3 since a year ago. played it a bit but didnt finished it. now i got d chance to finish it but i encounter some problems in d game. my first problem is when i try to find Rakus d fire mage in d quest of New people for Okara n d fire chalice. i definitely cant find him. been goin aroun Okara but no result. My 2nd problem is again when i try to find fire Chalice carrioed by the Paladin Cris or Cruz in Mora Sul along with Yussuf who has d key temple of Mora Sul. I only found oasis guarded by beasts and Murat's oasis. But no Yussuf and Paladin Cris. I definetely cant finish d quest of Adanos artifact if i cant open the Temple of Mora Sul right?! Please help me if anybody can give me a more precise clue or location on Yussuf and Paladin Cris and Rakus the fire mage whereabout. Thank U so much. I really want to finish this game. hehehe help me
08/11/2008 10:48
I found them. Thanks
08/01/2008 18:15
You should already have a map that indicates where the chests are, why don't you use it?
08/01/2008 00:15
Can anybody give me more specific direction about the location of Al Shedim temple keys that can be found in chests (3,4 and 5 in game guide)? The map would be even better (if anybody has it).
07/01/2008 23:31
Yes, that is true, but you get experience boost for finding each key, and it is not polite to sneak in when you can knock. Just kidding, the only down side of jumping in, is that you must teleport out, and you miss out on some experience points. The temple of Al Shedim however, you will not be able to get in unless you have the keys.
30/09/2007 22:53
ok im new n this but i think its the morra sul temple tat there is corner of the temple that u can actaully jump ovr saving tons of time of finding keys
30/09/2007 21:46
He's hiding in plain sight with the orcs surrounding the temple.
31/07/2007 21:22
where is lester?
31/07/2007 10:46
Why do you need a peaceable solution; just kill them. Looting the corpses will yield any needed quest items. You really don't need their help.
08/06/2007 23:54
PLEASE... I need some help... you know how once youve liberated enough cities in myrtana from the orcs, the remaining orcs attack you on sight? well, I neglected to realize that this applies to the orcs in Varant as well... and now I cant come to a peaceable solution with the orcs guarding the mora sul temple... any suggestions?
Johnny Tambourines
06/06/2007 18:10
See section on Mora Sul
08/03/2007 23:25
were is yussuf
were is Yussuf
08/03/2007 20:05

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