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Overlord - Drive Jewel into the village Tower Gate - Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Solutions and Maps

Overlord Game Guide (41/47)

Drive Jewel into the village Tower Gate
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Drive Jewel into the village Tower Gate

Before turning the wheel (#1) you'll have to kill some raiders and some bugs too - so go back to the nearest spawning pit to collect your commando. You'll need many of them as you'll have to fight right behind the gate. Go back and across the bridge, then right and the middle up the hill (#2). Then you'll have to run Jewel to the waypoint. Position your minions by each of the gaps in the walls and then run her to the middle and up the hill - she'll enter by herself.



Now, before you interrogate Jewel, go right and break the bony barrier (#1) with the bug. Follow the path down to Mother Goddess Statue and tell your minions to carry it to the waypoint (#2). As you approach, some elves will show up asking for it back so just place it on the platform and go to your tower to have a chat with Jewel.



Drive Jewel into the village Tower Gate
comments and responses

i position my minions by the gaps in the wall but she runs right through my little group of minions and i dont know what to do
Lights Out
10/06/2008 21:54
How to drive jewel into the village tower ? Minions blocked her but now she is staying in one place as a statue and minions are not able to do anything.
28/01/2008 18:29

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